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The Langdale Fuel Company came into existence in 1962 because the leaders of The Langdale Company saw a need and found a way to meet it. When the company’s turpentine industry changed into pulpwood, the transportation needs changed as well. “We used ‘Hoover wagons’ with rubber tires, pulled by mules and/or horses in the turpentine business,” recalls Mr. Harley Langdale, Jr. CEO Emeritus, The Langdale Company. “As we entered more heavily into the pulpwood industry our needs changed. . . . our focus shifted from mules/horses and feed to automobiles and fuel.”

In addition to providing fuel for The Langdale Company’s needs it also provided retail fuel with five gas stations in Valdosta. By the early 1980′s Langdale Fuel got out of the retail fuel market and went into wholesale fuel. Today, Langdale Fuel is comprised of two divisions: Fuel and Lubricants.

To learn more about the Langdale Company and its culture, please visit www.langdale-company.com


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